Resident of the Month

Esequiel (Tio) Guerra

             Tio grew up in Nuevo Leon, Mexico and moved to Reynosa, Mexico at the age of 11 for two years.  At age 13 he moved to Texas to live with his brother Manuel Guerra until the age of 18. Then he  then went to work at College Station Texas as a bus boy. 

             Tio move to Emporia in 1978 and resided in Emporia for over 35 years. He began working at IBP and worked at IBP/Tyson for over 20 years. He retired in 1999 from IBP.  He never married but he has many nieces and nephews.  He enjoys reading books in Spanish and watching movies in Spanish.  He is a member of St. Catherine's church. 

Congratulation Tio for being chosen as

“Our Resident of the Month”

Larry was proud to be a Marine and kept in touch with many of the men he served with. Larry attended several reunions to see many of these men. He enjoyed traveling, pulling his fifth wheel all over the country.


Larry has always prided himself in his ability to learn and also teach others.           


Congratulations Larry for being chosen as


Our Resident of the Month


Caring Hearts of March

     Denna Thomsen, McKayla Ortiz, Samantha Hernandez, Belinda Sidebottom, and all 200 hall day shift were nominated as our “Caring Hearts of the Month”. Their nominations read as follows:

Denna Thomsen: She does a good job cleaning.                                                 (Janice Messerschmidt)

McKayla Ortiz: She is friendly and always greet me and asks me how I’m doing. (Mark Gardner)

Samantha Hernandez: She is very friendly and works very hard. (Mark Gardner)

Belinda Sidebottom: She always is so helpful. (Sandra Fulton)

All 200 hall staff: All these staff members are very good and motivating on days I don’t feel like getting up or interacting with others. They just do their job well. (Johnnie Humphrey)

Congratulations to Denna, McKayla, Samantha, Belinda, and                                                                               all 200 hall day shift on being chosen as

“Our Caring Hearts of the Month!”